Like belief,
But more subtle
Than belief,
More subtle
Than image,
More subtle
Then sentences,
More subtle
Than air, earth, fire, water,
More subtle
Than the gross space
Between musical notes
Inside the head.

Yet not
Nothing at all.

Is integration
Without splits,
No splits,
Like a subtle white
Which unifies
All colors,
Or uniting
Of a subtle love,
Without distance
Between points.
Pattern without

Energy more subtle
Than ordinary energy,
Like a transparent flash,
Like the glimpse of a glimpsing.

I Sphynx

As Godhood meets the void
Within it we dream and divine;
Our reality envisioned into light
Past, present, future all collide
Fought and cherished as one;
Alchemy of outward opposites
Dissolved by the red and blue
Of ocean flood and hell flame
Reborn through the eye of Isis
Through our communal dust


The silence between us
Should be analyzed
Is it peaceful and full with understanding
Is it ominous and threatening like the words
You want to speak but don’t out of
Sheer self-control
Is the silence a bond because vocabulary seems inadequate?
Is it a fetter
You don’t want to break
Afraid of the noise it will create
Is it the silence when the soul speaks
Is it enforced like a helpless victim
Is it of so complete an attention
That a single word missed would create
Valleys of misconceptions
As if the silence of a command
In front of a dictator
Personified silences should be sculptured

Advancing Translucency

Intent shines
With the light
Of subtle energy,
Like the essence
Of stained glass.

Diaphanous earth,
Translucent water,
Energetic transparent fire,
Air so clear
It is like watching a breeze.

Intention subtlizes
Into a corner
Of the inner eye

All these translucencies
Are a link
Between the subtle energy
Of the mind
And the effects
That it creates.